Swing Dance Resources

Want more info on swing dancing in Florida, or just looking for some helpful and neat dance websites? Here are our recommended resources for dancers:

Swing Dance Blogs

Lindy Hop Weekly

Created by Tom Blair of The Lindy Connection in Tampa, this blog features video discussions, organizer interviews, and more.

Dance World Takeover

Run by Rebecca Brightly of Seattle, this blog focuses on helping beginners achieve their dance goals.


Run by Bobby White, a professional lindy hopper, this blog focuses on the mechanics, history, and community of swing dancing.

Lindy Shopper

This blog focuses on vintage lindy hop fashion and offers fashion and dance shoe resources, reviews and help.

Online Swing Dance Lessons


This website offers a comprehensive range of dance lessons in lindy hop, charleston, balboa, solo dancing, and more.


This website offers a comprehensive compilation of free YouTube video dance lessons.

Swing Dance Community & Networking


A community of lindy hoppers online, including a discussion forum and podcast.


A calendar of dance events and lindy hop exchanges (meetups) worldwide.

The Lindy Connection

Official website of the Tampa lindy hop organization.

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