Underground Blues

What is Blues Dancing?

Love the blues? Then you’ll love dancing to it, too. Blues dancing was invented in juke joints and bars in the 1920s and today remains one of the most striking and sexy partner dances. Depending on the comfort level of each dancer, blues can be danced very close or in a more open, free position. It’s also one of the easiest dances to learn since the basic pattern is only two steps.

Watch these pros compete to see how beautiful this dance can be.


Our Dance

Underground Blues is Swing Out South Florida’s monthly blues dance. Every fourth Friday of the month, we offer a beginner blues lesson to everyone attending from 8:30-9:30PM, followed by a DJed social dance from 9:30-12:30pm. What is a social dance? That’s where you socialize and dance, folks!  Use the social dance to meet new people while practicing your awesome new moves. Free coffee is available all night long.

Beginner Class

Our beginner lesson usually covers important blues basics such as partnering up, the pulse, and some key moves that will have you grooving in no time flat. Since blues is one of the easiest dances to learn (there are only two steps!), it doesn’t matter how many left feet someone has. You don’t need a partner or any experience to enjoy the class.

Our Location

Undergrounds Coffeehaus is an offbeat coffee shop serving up coffees, teas and snacks in a delightfully quirky building full of dinosaurs, board games, and pictures of Elvis. Relax in the main room, dance in our dance area, or hang out on the New Orleans-style veranda.

Join us for a great party every fourth Friday of the month!